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Fluency Academy is for you...

Save your seat
You who want to learn in a few months what would take years in traditional schools.
You who have felt stuck when trying to have a conversation in another language
And still not feel fluent, even though you have spent years in traditional schools.
It's also for you who is starting from scratch!
And you who is going on an exchange program and need to learn faster.
Of course, it's certainly for you who want to get the highest salaries and positions in the job market.

In summary, the Fluency Academy is for you who need to learn a new language, and want to do it in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Save your seat

But why do you need to learn a new language now?

For professional objectives:
Be indispensable
Get the highest salaries and positions
Stand out from the crowd
Travel the world for work
Network internationally
For personal objectives:
Get to know the world without getting stuck in communication
Discover and learn about new cultures
Master other languages
Access the best content in the world
Go on that long-dreamed-of exchange program

And believe me, these are just a few of the reasons to learn a new language.

I am Rhavi!
Founder of
Fluency Academy.

I am an English teacher, fluent in 4 languages, a tireless language student, and passionate about helping people speak new languages fluently.

I founded Fluency Academy with this goal and, in a little over 3 years, it has become the leading online language school in Brazil. Consisting of over 250 professionals and the best teachers in the country, Fluency Academy has already transformed the lives of over 50 thousand students, taking them to an excellent level in a new language.

Unlike anything you've ever seen!

The secrets behind the results of Fluency Academy

Pre-enroll me!

Learn the real language! Speak fluently and naturally.

Dialog classes: Let's break down dialogues between native speakers.
Pronunciation pro: Advanced training of native pronunciation patterns.
Native talks: You will learn from native teachers the expressions and slangs that are the most commonly used by them.
Grammar Hacks: Lessons in language sentence structures, without the hassle of traditional grammar.
Bonus live classes: Weekly live classes with the best teachers in Brazil.

Modern and innovative method to learn any language.

I've developed a dynamic and practical study method so that, in just a few months, you can boost your new language in a way you've never imagined it was possible. No more long and often ineffective processes of traditional methods. I want you to be fluent in the language, or languages, that you want.

State-of-the-art memorization software

To internalize all the knowledge acquired in the classes, you will have access to the most advanced memorization software of today. Exclusive to Fluency Academy students! You will never forget another word or phrase in the language.

A schedule designed for your fluency.

The course structure was designed and planned to create an immersion in the language, providing accelerated learning over 7 months. For this reason, each week a study schedule is released, so that you do not overload yourself and continue with your daily study.

You will never be alone! The best support and mentoring.

Throughout the course, you will have at your disposal a support team to answer technical questions and a team of teachers to answer any questions about the language you are studying during this journey. You will have access to Fluency Academy exclusive channels for this communication to happen, always with great attention and agility.

Fluency Academy

Get to know our classrooms!

Our distance learning is closer to you.

Conversation classes with native speakers for 2.0 courses

During the English 2.0 courses you will be able to practice everything you learned and your conversation skills through individual classes with native teachers using Fluency Academy's partner platform: Cambly!

Native teachers

Learn from native teachers!

In addition to our excellent Brazilian teachers, at Fluency Academy you will learn from native teachers, making your listening and pronunciation flawless!

Live Classes!

Live Classes every week!

You will have 3 live weekly classes (per language), with the best teachers at Fluency Academy!
You will get all your questions answered and talk with your classmates via chat.

Adaptable to your routine!

Customized study schedule!

You can choose which study schedule fits best with your everyday life. Don't worry, you won't have less content - what you will have is the opportunity to change your commitment, to balance your weekly workload and your rest days, and to achieve the goal of reaching fluency faster.

The students' sweetheart

This is the traditional schedule, preferred by students who need to learn as soon as possible. Classes and contact with the language are daily and intense to generate faster results.

Learn in a short time

This is the schedule for those who still need to learn in a short time, but would like a slightly longer rest break between lessons.

Learn in 1 year!

The perfect schedule for those who seek a more long-term goal and need to reconcile their studies with a more hectic routine. The classes are weekly, but less frequent.

Unique memorization app for students!

You will never forget a word of the language you are learning, in an expererience that is right in the palm of your hand. And the best part, without having to use the internet!

You will never be alone here!

You will have a
personal manager!

We will monitor your entire evolution! For this, you will have individual monitoring via WhatsApp with one of the guides from Fluency Academy. We are together throughout your trajetory.

See what happens!

A complete and participative community!

Unlike other communities where nothing happens, ours is practically a study room! Topics and posts are updated almost daily, with participation from both our teachers and students.

This is what motivates us to go further!

Every day I receive messages just like this. Lives are transformed, dreams are realized by simply knowing that it is possible.


Check out our frequently asked questions

What's new in the Fluency Academy 2.0 course?
ícone de mais
The English courses from Fluency Academy 2.0 have updated content for a 7-month study schedule. In addition to the sensational classes available since the beginning of Fluency Academy, in version 2.0 you will have access to today's most advanced memorization system, weekly live classes, and 2 months of complete one-on-one conversations classes with native speakers from around the world.

Note: for those who choose the English 2.0 course, there will be a cool course of expressions and slangs with one of the greatest English teachers on YouTube, Gavin Roy, the newest member of Fluency Academy.
What will the conversation classes with native speakers be like?
ícone de mais
After finishing Wave 1, you will have a total of 2 months of conversation classes with native teachers from around the world to put into practice everything you have learned. The classes are individual, 30 minutes each, for a period of 2 months and can be taken at any time of the day, once a week. It's very simple: Just access the partner platform, choose your teacher and take your practice class, all online and one-on-one, just you and the teacher.
What is Fluency Academy's methodology?
ícone de mais
Fluency Academy is a 24-unit course, designed for those who want to develop and accelerate their learning process, with classes in native pronunciation, vocabulary expansion, expressions and slangs, in addition to other subjects discussed during the course. The secret is in the combination of the variety of classes, the listening practice with native speakers, and the technology to enhance your memorization.
Do the courses have a schedule to be followed?
ícone de mais
Yes! The schedule of Fluency Academy classes is adaptable to your routine. You will have lifetime access to the course, which consists of 24 modules, and you will begin your studies following the most accelerated learning schedule: 7 months. If you prefer to proceed at a different pace, you may request to change to a 9, 12 months schedule.
Doest the course have any evaluation / test during the period of classes?
ícone de mais
No. A study schedule is made available in each unit so that the student has a north star to study. All students have their progress monitored by a personalized management team, but without an actual assessment. It is important to emphasize here the importance that 'self-learning' has presented in different aspects of our lives, whether in the workplace, at college, or on daily habits. The students will be stimulated, and we will be available to assist in their difficulties. After all, here at Fluency Academy, we are motivated by learning and daily evolution! You will notice your evolution with each new unit.
Vivo fuera de Brasil. ¿Cómo hago para pagar la factura/la tarjeta?
ícone de mais
Para quien vive fuera de Brasil, el pago por tarjeta sólo está disponible por crédito. Si no puedes efectuar el pago al contado, existe la posibilidad de conversar con algún amigo o familiar que viva en tierras brasileñas y negociar ese pago. Recuerda que, en el segundo caso, el COMPRADOR debe llenar los datos del ALUMNO a la hora de la compra, excepto en el campo “pago”. Si tienes cualquier duda sobre las formas de pago, contáctanos por WhatsApp.
Will I speak the language studied with confidence at the end of the course?
ícone de mais
Yes! Rhavi Carneiro's Fluency Academy method is designed for those who want to develop and accelerate the learning process, with classes focusing in native pronunciation, vocabulary expansion, expressions and slangs. This is because the most efficient way to develop learning is by exercising listening. But the student's dedication and commitment to the class schedule and study routine is fundamental!
I am a company owner/representative and I am interested in offering the course to my employees. Is it possible to buy the course?
ícone de mais
Yes, you can purchase more than one course. Just send your information and the number of courses you want to buy via WhatsApp: We will contact you as soon as possible.
Do the classes have a specific time to watch?
ícone de mais
No. All classes are recorded and are available for access indefinitely, since you have lifetime access to the platform. Therefore, you don't need to worry about a fixed schedule, because the course is flexible to the routine of each student.
Can I temporarily suspend the course enrollment at any time?
ícone de mais
No, but since all the class content (videos, pdfs and audios) were recorded and made permanently available on the platform, you can resume your studies at any time.
Do I get an invoice or receipt for the course fee?
ícone de mais
Yes, the invoice is issued automatically 15 days after payment confirmation with the information given at the time of registration on the Hotmart platform. And it's sent by email, also automatically, by the e-notes platform. The invoice refers to the full amount of the course, being a single document, with the breakdown of the form of payment made.
What is the minimum age to take the course?
ícone de mais
There is no specific age. The important thing is that, if you are a child, you must be old enough to follow the studies, as well as have someone to help you access the content on the platform. And you must always practice, of course.
Is the study platform accessible only by computer or also by mobile phone?
ícone de mais
The Fluency Academy study portal is also compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. In addition, you can download our app available for Android and iOS, in which you can also temporarily download the lessons to watch offline. In any case, we recommend you watch the longer lessons on the computer, to have a study environment that provides better viewing and concentration.
I am a beginner in the language, can I still take the course?
ícone de mais
Yes, you can. The Fluency Academy classes were designed both for those who have never studied a new language and want to start in the right way, and for those who are already at a more advanced level and want to deepen their learning even more. This is because the classes are not focused on rules and grammar, but on more objective and faster techniques to achieve real fluency.
Do the Fluency Academy courses issue certificates?
ícone de mais
Yes, after the end of the regular course schedule the student may request a certificate. Please note that it will only be issued to the student who has completed at least 75% of all required activities. The certificates are only documents and do not guarantee a positive outcome of your experience in the course. The most important thing is your dedication in class, having a study routine and constant practicing. The evolution will be evident!
Just to point out, the English-language certificates that are valid as proof of your proficiency in English, the ones you need so that you can study or even participate in selection processes abroad, are the major proficiency exams such as Cambridge and TOEFL.
If I don't fit in/like the course? Is there a money-back guarantee?
ícone de mais
You have a period of 7 days to cancel your purchase of the course and activate the money-back guarantee (which you do not need a specific reason for). Then, after the end of the course, if you have followed the whole schedule, taken the classes on the scheduled days, followed the step-by-step and, even so, if you haven't felt any evolution in your learning and you do regret having purchased it, you can also ask for a refund. However, this second guarantee is tied to the analysis of the platform database (access frequency, downloaded materials, watched videos) and the assessment to see if these actions are in accordance with the proposed schedule.
Do I have to pay extra for course study materials?
ícone de mais
No. The tuition is already the full cost of the course, there are no additional fees for tuition or materials.
Is there a support team to help me if I have problems with the platform?
ícone de mais
Yes, and they will always be there to answer any questions you may have throughout the course and the availability of the learning portal. You can count on them!